Friday, August 21, 2009

i hate them !!!

who them???
never mind... actually them is my church member. i love them like my sister.but what they do..?they hurt me..every day..hurt!!
what they want from me???what??? i never forgot what they say...never!i i never want to forgive them...!! i hate them...

Friday, August 7, 2009

i ♥ my FamiLy

wanna to say..

i love all my family..hehhee..

they uderstanding..
espeacialy my mum..
i love her so much..mmuah!
she understanding me..caring of me

love u mum..sorry if i hurt u..

i wiil do the best on my studies and juz 4 ur happiness
i also love My lil sisTA and bRotheR..hehhhee
i want to say that i love all my czen..they caring of me

Thursday, August 6, 2009

....what noW....(loVe..Love)

talK abot love...
uRm nothing interasting...huhu...
something it make me boriNk...
sometimes its make me cry,happy,unhappy and so on...
love make our life more meaning fuLL..

if someone not fall in love she/he is unnormal!

but sometime love make we hate someone about boyfren or beloved someone,
i had boyfren thaT is younGer than me...but tall than me...hehhhee
xpayah taulah.. not important!

the cutE boy for at my skuLL.. i thiNk laR

my beloveD bF

mmuah luv him!him always make me happy..he also "PANDAI"

17 jan 1994

his name maxweLL

:) abouT me

♥ Eva BrenDa pHiliP

♥ 15 JuLy 1993

♥ LuNdayeH

♥ Kg.baru JuMpa ( bEe jaY)

♥ teNom, sabAh


♥I ♥ my family.

♥I ♥ My friends.

♥I ♥ my school♥I

♥ my house.♥I ♥ sleeping.

♥I ♥ music.

♥I ♥ plying football.hahaXD

♥I ♥ watching football.[M.U]

♥I ♥ my idol.♥I ♥ MYSELF~

♥I ♥ Choclate.

♥I ♥ Love my sister


I [HATE]~people lie me.

I [HATE]~playboy!

I [HATE]~a flirt boyz.

I [HATE]~my enemy.

I {HATE]~a liar friend.

im simple gurl,

like be silly n crazy gurlZ

love chocolate..mmuah!